Selina’s Thai: Our Menu 

Welcome to the best food hotspot in town! Selina’s Thai is always ready to serve the most vibrant flavours to guests from all over the world. Get ready to dig in with our wide range of dishes that will surely keep your cravings satisfied. 

Thai cuisine is no doubt one of the most diverse and unique all over the world. You will find a burst of flavour in every bite. We know that guests keep coming back for more than just a good meal. That is why we make sure to live up to the standard of balance and harmony in every item we have on our menu. 

Are you ready to dive into a culinary journey that you will never forget? Explore and order form Selina’s Thai menu below:


Do you want something light and easy? Our appetizers are certified fresh and healthy. Give your taste buds a headstart by ordering some of our best-selling delights below:

  1. Veggie spring rolls

Nothing is more fresh and healthy than our famous veggie spring rolls! Every guest will surely enjoy this treat packed with the best vegetables and vermicelli noodles, all in one roll! We highly suggest pairing them with our special vinegar sauce for an extra kick. 

  1. Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Little chicken cubes served in 6 skewers. Our chicken satay is best paired with our delicious peanut sauce that is the perfect mix of both sweet and savoury. This item can be served with varying spice levels. Kindly let our staff know if you want your satay sauce to be mild or extra hot. 

  1. Rice paper roll

One of the easy favourites among guests of all age groups. Our rice paper rolls are perfect for getting a taste of what Thai cuisine has to offer. Each roll is packed with meat, veggies, and vermicelli noodles. 

You have two options for the meat: shrimp or chicken. Let our staff know how you want this item to be prepared. Our rolls are best paired with our sweet and tangy sauce. 

  1. Crispy wontons with coconut shrimp

A Thai twist to a classic East Asian snack, our crispy wontons will never disappoint any guest who walks through our doors. These delectable treats are packed with veggies and shrimp that was cooked in a thick coconut cream sauce. 

We make our wontons extra special by adding a bit of heat and cream cheese. Get the best out of both worlds by pairing them with our curry for your main course! 

Soup and salad

Are you looking for bowls of comfort food? What about a plate of only the healthiest and most unique salads out there? We’ve got you covered! Order from our hearty soup and salad menu and our staff will prepare them just for you. 

  1. Wonton soup

Get the best out of Asia’s flavours in just one bowl. Our wonton soup is packed with energy-boosting ingredients that will keep you going for the rest of your day! Each bowl gets a hearty serving of our special broth and a generous amount of pork and shrimp filled wontons! 

We highly suggest pairing this soup with our chilli garlic oil to add an extra kick to this already amazing soup!

  1. Hot and sour prawn soup

If you are looking for a unique way to start your day, our hot and sour prawn soup will do just the job! Get a burst of flavour in this humble soup that is packed with surprises. Each serving has black tiger shrimp, bird’s eye chilli, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. 

A fully loaded bowl of goodness in every bite! Ask our staff about how we can customize the spice level to fit your taste. Don’t be shy to ask more questions about our dishes–we love entertaining our guests!

  1. Mango salad

One of Thai cuisine’s best features is the ability to balance different flavours into a single plate. Our fresh mango salad will certainly keep you wanting more! We prepare it best with red onions, greens, chase nuts, and vinegar or lime dressing. 

You can customize your salad by adding chicken, prawns, or grilled fish. Let our staff know as soon as possible and we will be happy to prepare your dish just the way you like them. 

  1. Pomelo and crab salad

Who says you can’t mix seafood with tropical fruit? Selina’s Thai restaurant will never get old of that phrase–we just love proving to the world that we can! This pomelo and crab salad is often a staple in most Thai restaurants around the world. 

This dish is packed with greens, veggies, red onions, and mango slices topped with cashew nuts and a special lime dressing. If you have any dietary needs, we will be happy to replace any of our ingredients with something else to fit your needs. 

  1. Green papaya salad

Do you love tropical fruits? We sure do! That is why we made our very own green papaya salad that is packed with all the good vitamins and minerals you need to start your day. This dish is made of fresh green papaya, mixed greens, cashew nuts, and a special sauce. 

Let our staff know if you wish to add any meat to your salad and we will be happy to attend to your request. Spice levels can also be adjusted, just let us know upon ordering. 

Thai curry

One of the best things about Thai curry is that it offers a whole new experience with the sauce. It differs from Indian and Japanese curry in many ways. It is milder and packed with flavour. We offer our dishes with healthier options for the sauce base if you wish to opt for it. 

Explore some of our best-selling curries below and let our staff know which one you’d like to try! 

  1. Thai red curry

Get the best out of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours with our red curry! We make it extra special by adding a generous amount of carrots, bamboo shoots, cherry tomatoes, and lots of meat! 

You can choose to have chicken, beef, or shrimp with your curry. Kindly inform our staff how you want your red curry to be served and we will be happy to attend to your requests. 

  1. Massaman curry

Indian and Thai curry all in one serving! We make it extra special by adding dollops of coconut cream, red paste, and lots of vegetables. You may modify the spice levels by informing our staff about it. 

Add potatoes, chicken, or beef to the mix! This curry is also best paired with our cheesy naan bread or jasmine rice. 

  1. Thai yellow curry

This light and delicious dish will make any guest crave for more! Order a bowl of goodness made of yellow curry paste, potatoes, celery, and carrots. This dish is best paired with either chicken or shrimp. 

Selina’s best-sellers

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can now try some of the most popular Thai dishes served all over the world! What sets our menu items apart is that we make them with love and passion. All of the ingredients we use are fresh and natural, giving you a burst of flavour in every serving. 

  1. Pad thai

Nothing is more authentic and iconic than a plate of this delicious fried noodle! Get a hearty serving of rice noodles, shrimp, egg, chives, and bean sprouts all fried in a special sauce! Add extra meat and heat for a better dining experience. 

Customize your order by adding peanut or fish sauce for an extra dose of flavour. Get yours now and we are certain that you will keep coming back for more. 

  1. Sesame chicken

Breaded chicken drenched in honey, garlic, soy, and sesame seeds. It’s a healthy dish that will fill your bellies and satisfy your cravings. This dish is best paired with a bowl of jasmine rice and our special lime sauce. 

  1. Khao pad

A classic Asian fried rice that any guest will love. Each serving is packed with many fresh ingredients from the meat to the garnish. Our fragrant jasmine rice is cooked with a wide range of sauces that bring out the flavours. This dish is best paired with our peanut sauce and slices of fresh cucumbers. 

  1. Thai omelette

This dish may be simple but don’t let its modesty fool you–it is still packed with flavours that you will surely love after getting a bite of it! We love making it extra special by adding lots of fresh veggies, sauce, and eggs. No matter what time of the day it is, this hearty omelette will keep your bellies full to last a day! 

  1. Guay teow

A classic Thai noodle that you can find in every corner of the world. This is considered to be comfort food to most locals but we at Selina’s Thai like to make it extra special by adding gourmet meatballs.